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The Duchess

The adorable little black kitty that was trapped at the car dealership is a girl! We suspect she is about 6-7 months old. Here she is sedated and getting prepped for her spay. All went well with her spay and after spending the night recovering she went to her new home! She seems more of […]

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cooperative trapping – day 2

Tuesday was spay/neuter day for the project. The Community Cat Coalition received a nice grant to cover spay and neuter surgeries, so we were able to get the Pasado’s mobile spay/neuter clinic to come onsite to handle all the surgeries. How awesome is that! I learned that Pasado’s actually has two of these mobile clinics […]

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neverending BP saga

It’s been a long, long week of TNR work. Oh my, too long. I haven’t had much time to write up everything, but finally I got a moment. So, here’s a quick summary of last week. You may remember that a week ago Saturday we trapped three kittens, which left two more to get. Those […]

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RH site TNR project summary

It’s taken me nearly a week to get have enough time and energy to pull together a full wrap up of last weekend’s TNR festivities. I haven’t been that exhausted in I don’t remember how long, wow! So, here’s the run down of the exciting weekend that was. Trapping day! Saturday morning was the day […]

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