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I’ve written in the past about the benefit of using a trail camera to identify cats. In the case of this large site I’ve been working on, we set up the camera first focused on some food overnight after we had trapped a bunch of cats so we could figure out who is still coming […]

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TNR Ops Center

I’m a big believer in setting myself up for success before jumping fully in. This past Spring and Summer, I have been constructing my very own secret TNR Operations Center in my garage. What is this you ask? It’s a place to house and do my TNR work. I like for all my TNR equipment […]

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trail cam

I setup a trail camera in the park on Sunday night to get pictures of whatever was eating the food. When I viewed the pictures on Monday the only pictures were of me placing the camera and of the person who restocked the food Monday morning. Whatever ate the food eluded being photographed! I read […]

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extra warmth

Guess what I found at the local Petsmart?! They had outdoor kitty heating pads in the clearance section! So, you know what that means – we now have two more heating pads for the feral cats!! The first new one is already in place, under Oliver’s extra bed on his back porch (to the left […]

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