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Monthly Archive for December, 2012


One of the TNR volunteers with the Community Cat Coalition recently shared this video that her husband created for her as a Christmas gift. Little Xander looks very rough in the first few pictures but stay with it to see how he gets better, oh and you might need to have the box of tissues […]

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happy stories

I don’t know about you, but I love stories with heart-warming endings. They are so rare in my line of work, so when I get to experience one, I really treasure it! Today, I have two TNR stories to share with you. First, remember the four female kittens that we trapped in October at a […]

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quiet times

Things have been rather quiet on the TNR front for me lately. I think I’ve needed a bit of a break after my last TNR project (BP site) where the mama cat escaped. Since then, I did receive an update on the four kitten girls that were relocated from that same site. They are all […]

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