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Monthly Archive for October, 2013

trapping challenges

The scope of the TNR project was unclear from the start. One report was 1 mom and 4-5 kittens, another person said 10-12 cats, many of them kittens and another person figured there were a lot more. Not knowing what I was in for, I borrowed 12 traps and made 12 s/n appointments, 10 for […]

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cooperative trapping – day 2

Tuesday was spay/neuter day for the project. The Community Cat Coalition received a nice grant to cover spay and neuter surgeries, so we were able to get the Pasado’s mobile spay/neuter clinic to come onsite to handle all the surgeries. How awesome is that! I learned that Pasado’s actually has two of these mobile clinics […]

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cooperative trapping – day 1

The big cooperative trapping is underway! The mobile spay/neuter clinic has been reserved and will show up on Tuesday, so today’s goal was to trap 30 cats! The fun started in the early morning and by the time I arrived around midday, 18 cats were already trapped. The project is spread out over a large […]

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