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Tuesday was spay/neuter day for the project. The Community Cat Coalition received a nice grant to cover spay and neuter surgeries, so we were able to get the Pasado’s mobile spay/neuter clinic to come onsite to handle all the surgeries. How awesome is that!


I learned that Pasado’s actually has two of these mobile clinics that are in full-time use! Hearing that made me very happy. The clinic comes staffed with two technicians, a veterinarian and an admin person.

The 30 cats are housed in the heated garage for pre-op and post-op recovery.


I was very impressed with the inside of the mobile clinic. Everything is laid out very efficiently, so every inch of space can be utilized. The surgery suite is located in that far back room.


They start with the friendly and owned cats. Then they move on to the ferals, this reduces the chance of the ferals spreading a contagious disease to the owned cats.


This is Diva, one of my kittens! She found herself here because one of the trapped kittens had an URI and the decision was made to let him heal before his surgery and lucky Diva got to take his place. She wasn’t feeling very lucky. Turns out little Diva, who’s 17 weeks old, was in heat.


This guy looks like Theo’s younger twin! He was trapped on the cooperative project and is super friendly, so he will be adopted out. Based on his delightful personality, he’ll find a home quick.


This is the sweet friendly little kitten with the URI that was trapped. He will be given some TLC before being neutered once he’s healthy. Then he’ll find his forever home!

I didn’t do much today to help out with the clinic but it was fun to see it all in action. 30 more kitties won’t be reproducing after today! Tomorrow brings post-op care and release of some cats.

4 Responses to “cooperative trapping – day 2”

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    How good to see the inside of the mobile unit and to see a few of the cats. 17 weeks old and in heat. I would never have thought so but then, I am not versed at all in cat reproduction cycles. Poor little girl but in cat years perhaps she just made being a “teenager”?

  2. Marg says:

    That is just so exciting that all that is happening. That is so helpful for keeping cats out of the shelters. Good work.

  3. that third kitten looks a little skeptical about your intentions. MOL

    That mobile unit looks awesome!!! so glad they were able to come out to help.

  4. greg1948 says:

    That is a very impressive vehicle. It would be an interesting job to ride about all day to different places in that. It is a regular MASH unit on wheels!

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