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Things have been rather quiet on the TNR front for me lately. This is chiefly due to being low on funds and having a car that is near death’s door. So, hopefully someday soon, the car situation will be resolved and I’ll be able to do some more trapping.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to help with the TNR cause by teaching my first basic TNR class for the Community Cat Coalition (CCC) at my local library! It was so fun! I counted about 16 people in the audience and I covered all the basics on how to do TNR.

I’ll be teaching the basic TNR class again near the end of March in a remote location of the state that doesn’t have much TNR services going on. I’m excited to be spreading such needed information to whoever wants to learn how to do TNR.

Basic Rescue Medicine class

Basic Rescue Medicine class

After my class a vet tech taught a class on basic rescue medicine. It was very informative, I learned quite a lot. One thing I learned was to use flour to help clot bleeding. If you accidentally trim too much claw, put some flour in a small bag and then put the bag of the paw, shake it around to get the flour on the part that’s bleeding and it will help clot.

I love that the CCC offers these free classes for the community. This coming weekend the same vet tech will be teaching a class on how to use a microscope to do your own fecal test. I recently heard that many cat rescues have their own microscope and run their own fecal tests to save money. Seems like a good idea, and since the CCC recently purchased a few microscopes for this very purpose, it will be good to learn what to be looking for in the poop!

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  1. Katie Isabella says:

    What a fabulous service you and really, all of the volunteers and TNR folks provide.

  2. Your community is great, and you contribution to it makes a big difference. Have a happy valentine day!

  3. greg1948 says:

    I saw this when it first went up. Come spring litter time, you could be very busy with cat matters.

    On the subject of cat blogging, my experience is there is very little back and forth between Blogger and WordPress readers. People stick to their own platform. I think if you put this blog on fourwhitepaws, there might be more feedback. (I won’t mind if you delete this!)

    Finally Feb 23 snow north of Seattle but rain here. I was hoping for some snow!

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