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second assessment

I count myself extremely fortunate to have my friend Nancy as a TNR mentor. She has lots of experience working with cats and she is amazing at working with people. She’s tackled some sizable TNR projects in her time. Having her teach me the ropes on this project has been invaluable.

Together this afternoon, along with the property tenant, we walked the block and assessed the site. Nancy shared with me her thoughts on where to place traps. She was also able to establish a cooperative relationship with the gentleman who I was not able to make contact with on my last visit. We all learned a lot about the neighborhood cats by talking with him. In fact, he had recently trapped 6 of the kittens; 4 Siamese, 2 black and white and a brown tabby.

On this visit, Nancy brought along her friend who just happened to have acreage and a large barn. The friend thought it would work well for her to take the kittens and see if she could socialize them. How perfect! They will still be spayed and neutered and will have a chance at finding a forever home if they tame up. I’m very grateful!

Five kittens await transport to their new home.

We learned of some other litters of kittens that are further down the block and so we went looking for them. Sure enough we found a home with tell tale signs of caring for kitties. There was a kitty bed on the front porch and a small cut out on a board covering the side of the front porch. A minute later the momma cat approached and darted under the porch. The scope of the project just grew, but with 6 kittens taken out of the neighborhood already, we have room to take on some extra cats.

The property tenant who initiated this project has bonded with the two kittens living under her porch and she’s wanting to adopt them. They were out playing when we walked the area, two little black and white balls of energy – very cute indeed!

The city block we are working in is fairly dense with houses. At this point we will cover about three quarters of the entire block. Here is what it looks like from Google Maps:

The base of operations is the house on the bottom right. We are expecting to TNR around 20 cats from this one city block.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I didn’t know Nancy snapped a pic of them before we moved them into the cage. They’re all doing very well and I came away from determining their sexes last night mostly unscathed. 2 males, 2 females and one unknown. One of the little tuxedos was not having any of being caught and having it’s private parts inspected. After it took several swipes at me with it’s paw and made a lunge to bite me, I decided it would be perfectly fine to let the vet be the one to figure out whether to spay or neuter the little booger.

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