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RH site update

The kitten remains in the basement, awaiting transport. The property tenant thinks she recognizes this kitten and will be checking in with someone who lives near to see if they know it. There is a chance this little one might have a caretaker, if that is so it may be returned. The second option is for it to go hang out with the little tabby that Nancy is taming.

Nancy reported the little tabby is taming nicely. She has been able to pet it and her older cat has done wonders in helping to calm and tame it.

I spent part of the day collecting materials and working through my plan. I also talked with the gentleman who lives onsite and keeps tabs on the comings and goings of the ferals. He noted the little Siamese mother that had been looking pregnant no longer looks pregnant. That means she had her litter. He thinks the newborns are about 2 days old, however the notes the mother is not acting normal, she’s been depressed, not eating much and spending too much time away from her nest. That could be a strong indicator that something is not right with the kittens.

Tomorrow I may be crawling around a crawlspace under a house looking for newborn kittens. That sounds like fun! I will also be putting out traps that have been secured open, so the kittens and cats can start to acclimate to their presence. I can’t believe we are less than a week away now until the big trapping day!

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  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Maybe her kittens are dead? :-(

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