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my new friend

On my walk home from work this evening I made a new friend. This sweet boy was a little shy but after a few swift trots by me, he determined I was safe and he became a love bug in my hands.

He was quite the friendly guy as he kept moving around to get petted all over and rubbing up against me. Getting pictures of wiggly cats in the dark is challenging. Determining gender and altered status of a wiggly cat in the dark is even more challenging. So I did what any TNR person might do, I took a picture of it’s back end, that way I could look at it later and make a determination.

I suppose if I were really going to be honest, I would have to admit that it did seem a little weird at the time, but you know, you do what you have to do for the sake of the neighborhood cats.

When I got home, I told my wife all about my new kitty friend, I was showing her the pictures of the kitty when up came the butt shot! Oh my!

You know you’re really into TNR when you have cat butt photos on your phone!

In this case, I think we have a neutered boy. He actually has a lot of the same markings as my indoor cat Rose, who we found as a stray kitten in front of our house a few years ago. Maybe my new friend is Rose’s papa or brother!

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  1. Greg_1948 says:

    Looks like you have more than enough material to support a new website. Love the snowcat photo. Glad to see the “copyright” symbol here. Also wise to abandon Blogger–do not want too many cats in one basket! Thanks for the sneak peak!

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