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tis the TNR season

TNR season is starting to heat up again.

Yesterday, I assisted with the preparation efforts on a cooperative trapping. A 180 unit mobile home park has a ever growing colony of feral cats that needs attention. So, yesterday, a team of us went around the park talking with people about TNR and asking if they have any tame cats they want spayed and neutered for free.

On the way home we swung by a site that has 3 adults and 4 kittens that need to be TNR’ed. Depending on the age of the kittens, they may be socialized and adopted out or if they are older they will be returned.

This weekend I’ll be teaching my basic TNR class once again. That is always fun!

And I still need to trap the black cat that comes around my backyard at night. Tuesday night I stayed up late trying to drop trap him, without success. I’ll be trying again next week.

Our local animal shelter has reached out to our TNR group asking for assistance to help them participate in TNR. This is very exciting and has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of cats they euthanize while improving the lives of many more community cats! Yah!

So, yes, it is TNR season once again!

2 Responses to “tis the TNR season”

  1. yep – tis the season. we wish you LOTS of success!

  2. Marg says:

    Hope you can catch the black cat. Good luck.

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