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assessing numbers

Last night I setup the camera at the TNR site again in hopes of catching some photos of the kittens. I also put out three cans of wet food and lots of dry kitten food.

I swung by the site this afternoon to restock the food and to peruse the pictures. The camera was set to take photos when it detected motion. Apparently there was a lot of motion because there were several thousand photos! Amazing how much time it takes to scan through thousands of photos. The same four adult cats hung around all night and feasted on the food.


And then daylight came, followed by four little bundles of crazy-adorable! Kittens!!!!!!


proud mom!

proud mom!





MFDC1960-sm\ MFDC1886-sm


Four kittens – a black and white, fuzzy solid gray, and two gray and white.

Four adults – fluffy gray and white (mom), fluffy brown and white, fluffy brown, and stripped tabby.

Now that we have information about numbers, we look at our work schedules and the clinic schedules and create a plan for when we will trap.

4 Responses to “assessing numbers”

  1. nancy says:

    How adorable!!! I wonder if there are more kittens? I always find that one or two shy ones can lag behind and don’t eat with the others. Maybe more???

  2. Terri says:

    The babies are just precious! Can they be tamed for adoption?

  3. nancy says:

    This is great! Very clear pictures! Can you tell me which trail camera you used–and where you purchased it?

  4. Katie Isabella says:

    OH what doll babies! LOVE seeing them and momma.

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