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This project is now as done as done can be for the moment.

TNR is so much easier when you have the cooperation and assistance from the property owner. With this project, we had the blessing to be on the property and to TNR the cats but that was about it. It’s nice when the property owner is willing to check traps or stop feeding during trapping – but when that doesn’t happen you make do.


I thought for sure this little one was a girl – but turns out to be young boy! He was from mama’s litter back in August.


If it wasn’t for this cat being many miles away, I might think he’s one of Oliver’s relatives! This guy was a bonus, he didn’t show up in any of the pictures.


Kittens are being socialized!

In the end four adults were trapped, one of which was the mama and all four kittens were trapped. Of the adults, mama was the only female and the kittens were three boys and one girl.


I heard today that the kittens are purring more now than hissing – so that’s great progress!

There was one fluffy brown tabby cat that eluded the traps the whole week we were there trapping. She/he is the sibling of the brown fluffy young adult. If the homeowners decide to cooperate and help us then we will try for this last cat. Meanwhile, other sites are calling.

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  1. Katie Isabella says:

    Bless you and the kittens are saved. Thanks to you. You are earning your crown, my friend.

  2. Southpaws007 says:

    Great job!

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