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a report of kittens

Not long after wrapping up the previous project, we got a call from a resident of a large apartment complex. She feeds 4-5 adults and had just recently seen a kitten. So, we drove out to assess the site. It’s a large apartment complex that borders a mobile home community. A fence separates the two but there are plenty of places for cats to get through.


High above cat eavesdropping on us as we create our TNR plan.

The feeder reported seeing the kitten in this old brown truck.



We talked with the resident of the property where this brown truck resides and they were thrilled we were offering to help with the feral cats. They had called animal control and some other groups asking for help but none was offered and then a few days later we just happen to show up!

Thankfully, these people have offered to help us trap – so they will be checking traps all through the night. Monday morning we will swing by there on the way to the clinic and pick up however many cats they have trapped! I’m hoping all nine traps are full!

On the drive home, I spotted a dog wandering along a major 7-lane highway. He had that “loose dog” look – you know the one. No people or houses in sight, I had to do something. So, I flipped a U-turn and coaxed the dog to me. In no time he was in the car ready to go for a ride! He had a collar on but no tags. A beautiful, older chocolate lab.



I dropped him by my 24-hour vet, who scanned him and found he is chipped! So, hopefully he goes home and stops his wandering ways.

4 Responses to “a report of kittens”

  1. Marg says:

    Oh that is great. Hope lots of cats get caught. And hope they find that dog’s home. Good thing you picked it up. Take care.

  2. wow – set up traps, help someone in need and find a wandering dog….busy day!! good luck and hope lots of traps were full this am!

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    Thank you a million times over. Seriously!

  4. Southpaws007 says:

    You’re awesome!

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