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It’s been a full week of TNR! Lots of checking traps and early morning visits to the spay/neuter clinic. So far, we have trapped nine cats/kittens at this site.

Guess what’s in this covered trap?


This adorable bundle of fluff!


So far we have two 8-week old kittens with more to get yet.


Out of the 7 adults, three were pregnant females!


We are guessing this friendly guy is the papa of the adorable kitten. However, his fathering days are over now, thanks the neuter. He has a very nasty wound on the side of his head, probably from an abscess. And sadly, he tested FIV+. Hopefully he heals up ok and then he’s on to being available for adoption.


This girl was pregnant with five kittens and was still lactating from her previous litter.

There are still lots of cats roaming this neighborhood. I’m guessing another 30-40+ cats/kittens are there in need of being trapped. I talked with one neighbor this morning who said one guy alone has over 20 cats.

The plan is to walk around the neighborhood on Saturday and talk with people. Hopefully we can gather more information about who is feeding and better estimate the numbers we are looking at. In the end, I think I’ll be working this site for a long time to come! It’s time to round up a few more volunteers!

6 Responses to “nine down thirty more to go”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Wow, great job so far! Good luck with trapping all the others.

    I know it seems like an endless tide (or at least that’s how I’d feel), but I guess the focus has to be on all those you’re helping.

    Truly, this is amazing work you and all the others involved are doing. Fingers (and paws) crossed for trapping and helping as many as possible.

  2. Marg says:

    Great job catching all those cats. How sad that the one is FIV positive. Hope you can find some help catching the rest of the cats. Every little bit sure does help. Take care.

  3. greg1948 says:

    They are so cute. I want to take them all home! Unfortunately that would be impractical, as caring for so many would be overwhelming in every aspect. Surely, somebody will want to take one home. The orange one looks like a mini-version of one of mine.

  4. Terri says:

    It seems like a never ending tide! Glad the neighborhood has some help with the kitty population now.

  5. Southpaws7 says:


  6. Katie Isabella says:

    I read a few posts forward how that went. ANGELS in human form..all of you.

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