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It was a busy weekend of TNR activities at the mobile home community I’ve been working on. We started trapping early last week in one lot and already have trapped 2 kittens and 7 adults. On Saturday, we walked around the community, gathering information about the community cats. You know it’s going to be an interesting day when the first person you talk with says, “I love cats! Of course, I feed the cats, I love having the cats here, cuz they always take the first hit when the evil spirits come…” Hmmm… Allrighty then.


trying to trap babies by using mom as bait – mom’s in the carrier and the hope is the kittens come to her via the trap.

We found hoarders, gang bangers, paranoid people, nice folks and every type of person in between. Some of the people were hostile toward us but no one was hostile toward the cats! Yah! Many are even willing to help us trap.

This site is large. I’m guessing 30+ cats and many, many litters of kittens.

see the cat under the mobile home.

can you see the cat under the mobile home?

The day ended with me walking up on the porch of a house to knock on the door and seeing this gorgeous black mama nursing her babies on the porch.
I signaled for back up and next thing you know, we have 8 babies and black mama in carriers and traps. These poor cats were so hungry, the semi-ferals seemed to forget how feral they were as they wanted food. One volunteer was able to feel one up as she snarfed down food and determined she has a litter of kittens out there.
As does another mom we noticed. Thankfully, the homeowner was thrilled to have us help them get their semi-feral cats fixed.

these tiny babies came wobbling over our way



using the babies in the carrier to trap mom



Another mom is hiding out under the porch



here I am getting friendly with the ferals

We left them all the food we had and one of the volunteers brought them a few more cases of food on Monday. These poor cats were so hungry. One of the amazing benefits of the Community Cat Coalition is that we get a lot of food donated for feeding ferals. Once a quarter that food is split up and people like these who are looking after these cats can get a lot of free food. These cats will be thrilled to get more food.
Here are the babies we got on Saturday:
The two volunteers I was working with both agreed that had we not taken these malnourished babies when we did they would have perished. Their eyes were all goobered up from URI’s.
We have lots more trapping to do at this large site, we are only just beginning, but so far off to a good start!
I was not able to go trapping on Monday due to having to work (what?!) But the other team members went and trapped another two kittens and two mamas. Meanwhile, we got an update on the tiny kittens and mom from the foster mom:
The emaciated tiny ones now have access to their mom, who is being well fed and gaining weight. Their badly infected eyes are improving daily with simple meds and a cleanliness. Just in time.

There is a still a lot of work to to, but having so many homeowners check traps and help in the process is a huge blessing! I love it when the community comes together to take care of their own community cats! That’s the main goal of the Community Cat Coalition, to equipment the community to take care of their cats. Feels good to be part of the humane solution.

Off to bed, gotta get up early again in the morning to check traps and bring the cats to the clinic.

6 Responses to “babies and more babies!”

  1. Word cannot express how overjoyed your news makes me!


  2. we love it when the community comes in to help…sometimes all it takes is someone willing to help (and not judge) and provide an answer. our local group works in a few mobile home parks too (which is where some of our kitten fosters came from). GREAT WORK!!

  3. Terri says:

    Absolutely wonderful the mobile home community is helping you. With that many cats around it’s rather obvious the residents like these cats. That makes your job a little easier. Just a great effort by everyone :-)

  4. Marg says:

    Oh goodness, that is so great that you are doing all that. Those two little tiny kittens broke my heart but it sure sounds like you have made a great start to getting the cats back to good health, mainly getting them all fixed. How great that the people are helping you. Thanks so much for all the great pictures of them. We certainly do applaud you big time.

  5. Southpaws7 says:

    AWESOME work guys!! Love it when you share the news!

  6. Katie Isabella says:

    I loved these pictures I just turned myself inside out looking at them and loving all that you are all doing. THANK YOU ALL! And those babies!!

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