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roller coaster

Thank you everyone for leaving such kind and supportive comments. I consider each one a gift.

The emotional roller coaster continued today. I had three cats to take to the clinic. One I knew was sick, so when I got the dreaded call from the clinic I knew it was going to be bad news. And it was, pretty much the same situation as one of the cats from Monday – two year old boy only weighed 5 pounds, rotten teeth, ulcerated paw pads, ulcer on tongue, and more. The outcome was the same as Monday, best to euthanize. Three very sickly cats from this site euthanized in two days. Makes me so sad. I’m going to start fearing receiving calls from the clinic.

The highlight of my day was getting a call from the day-shift trapper that she had gotten the collared boy! This guy seems quite friendly, so if no one claims him, he’s finding a new home! His flea collar looks very old to me, so I’m guessing he was abandoned some time ago.

collared boy

This boy would repeatedly rub against the traps but wouldn’t go in! Ack! I was starting to think that a drop trap was going to be required to get this guy, but thankfully he finally went in! Yah!!

This picture of a cat staring into the camera cracks me up! It’s good to have some good news and some humor to lighten the emotional load a bit.


7 Responses to “roller coaster”

  1. Marg says:

    Sorry about another sick cat. But it that situation, I am not surprised. I guess they are all lucky to be alive at all. And they are soooo lucky to have you come and save a bunch of them. Keep in mind all the good that you are doing.

  2. What a week you are having. It has to be very tough. Do you think posting about the old kitty with the collar on socials might get him back to his people (just in case he was not abandoned)? Let me know and I will be happy to share.

  3. Ruth Rawls says:

    Thank you for using a clinic that specializes in this. I worked for a vet a few years ago who was presented with a feral cat with bloody paws in a trap. A woman had seen bloody footprints on her concrete areas around her house, and determined that it was from a feral cat. She set a trap, trapped him, and took him to the vet to be assessed and perhaps euthanized. She knew that he was feral and she wouldn’t be able to medicate and treat him.
    The vet convinced her to keep the cat, and he set about sedating and neutering and treating the cat. He ran up a $500 bill before he realized that he was wrong. This cat was feral and unwell and couldn’t be handled. He euthanized the cat, which was really all the woman had wished for the cat, not to suffer any more and to be released from his misery.

  4. Fuzzy Tales says:

    I missed the previous post, am so sorry that three cats have had to be euthanized. On the flip side, they’ve been saved from any more suffering, which is a mercy, but not much comfort.

    Ditto on keeping at the forefront of your mind all the good you are doing to help so many others.


  5. It is so sad but at least you are able to help them end their pain. I admire what you do so much.

  6. Katie Isabella says:

    IT is just tragic that these cats are so so sick and suffering and while I dread the thought of and cat, them certainly as well going to the Bridge, they have suffered far more than should ever happened and they will suffer no more. I have tears typing this.

  7. southpaws7 says:

    As a daily colony care giver of 35 cats, I know some of your pain. Last year I had to put down one of my favorite cats, an older manx that I had a heck of a time re-trapping who tested FIV+ and had a butt full of maggots!! It was a crushing experience. With no real local support, I find it a very lonely road sometimes while taking care of these cats..but they also bring me the most joy!
    So thank YOU for your posts..they remind me why we do this. Without us, these cats would have no one so big hugs and kudos to you Catguy!

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