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collared boy

I’ve had a few days off from the TNR action, which I’ve needed to catch up on sleep! But we are still needing to trap more cats and the clinics start again on Sunday, so Saturday we’ll be trapping once again.

Meanwhile, remember the collared boy? Well, he’s neutered now and so friendly. No one has claimed him, so it’s time to find him a new home! He’s now free from the ancient flea collar he was wearing, poor guy, the collar has worn off all the furs around his neck. I bet he was wearing that thing for too long – but no more!

He has a strong appetite for Friskies shreds!


He’s a little thinner than I would like.


It didn’t take him long at all to ask for tummy rubs!


As I scratched his tummy, I wondered how long it had been since his last tummy rub.


I got him some toys, which he promptly gathered up and cuddled with! How sweet!


Now it’s time for a name. Anyone have suggestions?



7 Responses to “collared boy”

  1. He is so sweet! Love that he is so friendly and loves those tummy rubs! How about Bert!

  2. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Oh, yes, he’s absolutely darling, such a sweetheart. Obviously well socialized with humans at one point (I missed previous info about him). No suggestions for names, but oh, I do hope he finds a fantastic forever home, where he can soak up all the love and cuddles he seems to want.

  3. Sailor Edgar says:

    A sweet and handsome kitty! In notice that he has small white “footies” on his front paws, like our Gracie does. I don’t have any suggestions for a name. The people at his eventual forever home will probably change it anyway. When we adopted our Gracie from the county animal shelter, they had named her “Fergie”! :-)

  4. Terri says:

    It looks like he has some impressive whiskers…maybe “Whiskers” would be a good name.

    He’s such a great cat to roll over for tummy rubs. We hope he’ll find a home soon.

  5. Katie Isabella says:

    I am just enchanted. And you and your wife’s love for these dear one just lifts me up.

  6. awww – what a sweet handsome boy. What about Redford? :)

  7. cattywumpus says:

    He is so sweet! How about Ernest?

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