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Remember the Collared Boy from the recent TNR site I helped with? I told you about him a few weeks ago, he had settled into my garage space. I had hopes of him being adopted into a cushy forever home.

collared boy

I’ve been working with him in hopes he can be re-homed, although he’s not making that easy. The first day he was lovely, wanted his tummy rubbed and such. Well, that was only the first day, after that he showed me how fast he is with his swat.


You can still see where the collar was, the fur is slowly growing back.

There have been many times where I was about to give up on him being socialized. The option of returning him to the site was an option, although the idea of it broke my heart. After being swatted and getting the sense he wanted me to leave him alone, I was finally convinced myself to just bring him back. It was killing me to think about doing it, but he just wasn’t coming around.

I stuck the carrier in his space and he became sweet again. Lovely, purrs, wanting to be petted. How can I bring him back if he’s so sweet?!?! We did this little dance several times!

Then I started petting him again and I discovered something that changed everything.


I was petting his head and he was about to swat me as he does (claws extended) and I slide my finger behind his ear and  rubbed the base of his ear. His paw was in the air, mid-way into his swat motion when it suddenly stopped and slowly went back down. He was feeling too good to go through with the swat – I had found his secret feral-off switch just in the nick of time!



I try to spend some time each day hanging out with him. He’s getting more comfortable with me for sure. I wish I had an extra room in my house he could hang out in, so he could run and play more and I could hang out with him easier. I’ll have to make do with what I have and meanwhile, I posted Bert on Petfinder, hoping his new humans will come along soon!

You deserve a new cushy home Bert, where you will be spoiled and loved on endlessly!

4 Responses to “Bert”

  1. nancy says:

    Hopefully Bert will find an owner who is as patient as you are. I hope that people who adopt off pet finder are fully checked out, including the name of their veterinarian as a reference, and that the vet is contacted for verification. It sounds like Bert is very, very sweet, but also needs an experienced cat owner.

  2. Marg says:

    Some cats really take a long time. The fact that he lets you touch him is a good sign. Probably someone has hit him for some reason or other. Someone put that collar on him. Sounds like he is getting used to you. Good luck Bert.

  3. Terri says:

    After I adopted Jenna, I spent months gradually coaxing her out of my walk-in closet. I was determined this was her forever home because I knew she’d been returned before. She is a one person cat that hides when anyone else is in my home. Bert will require a patient experienced owner, too.

  4. nancy says:

    And he’s a beautiful boy!

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