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I mentioned in my previous  summary from the RH site, several of the kittens were taken in by foster families so they could be tamed and hopefully adopted out. From everything I am hearing the process is going well and now I have a few pictures that supports that claim!

This black & white kitten has been named Jimmy. He seems to enjoy playing and cuddling with the older black & white resident at the foster home.

photo courtesy of Laurie


photo courtesy of Laurie


photo courtesy of Laurie


photo courtesy of Laurie


photo courtesy of Laurie


And then we have a litter mate of the black & white, an adorable Siamese kitten who is also being tamed.

photographer unknown

Goodness, that sure looks like a tame kitty to me! A job well done by a skilled team of feral kitten tamers!!

One of the things I love about the Community Cat Coalition, is that there are lots of people willing to do parts of the work, which means one person doesn’t have to do it all! Thanks to all these wonderful people, these kittens get a chance at living a spoiled inside-kitty lifestyle rather than having to make a go of it on the streets.

5 Responses to “RH kitten taming update”

  1. They are so cute and look pretty cuddly to me too! Great work by this group!

  2. cuteness – it is fun to see “feral” kittens adjust. I look at the alcohol kittens and realize that even though I caught them early, there is NO indication that their mom is feral. Even Junior, while suspicious of people doesn’t really act like he lived his first 3 months outside. Congrats on spreading the love…..

  3. that is just wonderful!!! I am certain these two beautiful babies are on their way to their new furever homes soon!

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for the kitty update. This looks like a happy new beginning for those 2. Good work Cat Guy.

  5. Laurie says:

    Jimmy is a very mellow little dude when he’s not, you know, being a kitten. Nothing seems to ruffle his feathers (fur?) and having him here is an absolute joy!

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