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Diamond Jim

Here are a couple of brief updates from Laurie, the foster mom of Diamond Jimmy, one of the kittens from the RH site that she has been taming.

Thursday, September 6, 2012:

It’s true. Jimmy has a real thing for bling. The jewelry I wear
belonged to my Mom (the necklace was her wedding set – I had it made
into something more my style). And, although it’s not all that
practical to wear every day, it’s like having a little of Mom with
me :) From the get go, this kitten was fascinated with the rings and
when he spied the necklace, he climbed up my chest and started batting
it. The boy has expensive taste in toys! So, Diamond Jim has morphed
into Jimmy. It fits him.

From the looks of things, little Jimmy had a one kitten party in his
cage last night. Perch pad is on the floor, water dish is upside down
and the litterbox looks like it was used as a racetrack and there were
a lot of peel outs. Most of the litter is on the floor of the cage and
sunroom. The coffee has kicked in so it’s time to go do some kitten

Saturday, September 8, 2012:

Trust me on this one, I’m the thankful party in this situation! This
kitten has one of, if not, THE best personality of any kitten I’ve had
the pleasure of knowing. He is so mellow (when he’s not tearing around
being a kitten) and so affectionate. It’s hard for me to believe he
was a terrified, cowering little thing a few short weeks ago! He gets
along fine with the other cats and just had the pleasure of meeting
Obie the barn cat. Obie is looking into partial retirement from head
rodent control expert and comes into the house pretty much every day
for some treats and love. Little Jimmy marched right up to him and
sat down as if to say ‘Who are you, what are you doing in my sunroom
and would you like to play with me?’ Obie’s easily intimidated and
took a step back from the little guy and hid behind me – pretty funny
considering Obie is a pretty big guy and Jimmy weighed in today at 3.8
pounds. It’s the attitude, I tell ya and he’s got heaps of it.

I can’t express how happy I am that these kittens can now have the
opportunity to live a great life. They deserve to be adored and to
shower their humans with love and laughter. I’ve laughed more in the
last week than I have in ages, all thanks to my little tuxedo wearing
feline buddy. Life is good!

Jimmy decided it would be a good thing to try to beat the heat by
putting his tail into his water dish. Keep in mind, his cage was open
so he had the run of the sunroom, there was an ice pack under the cage
floor to cool it and a shade cloth over one side of the cage. This
kitten cracks me up several times every day! From all the reports from
everyone fostering this litter, these kittens are very mellow by
nature. Jimmy has completely stolen my heart and I know if my husband
utters anything remotely close to ‘do you want to keep him?’ it will
be a done deal. If it was up to¬† me, I’d be perfectly happy having
three tuxedo cats in the house :)

Thanks Laurie for the updates and the work you are doing to tame sweet Jimmy. It’s wonderful to know these kittens will have a chance at a cushy indoor life where they will be spoiled rotten!

6 Responses to “Diamond Jim”

  1. what a precious story! Thank you for sharing Jimmy with us. My Cody was the same when he was a kitten. He was obsessed with my earrings and necklaces!

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    Oh you just made my day! How sweet and dear Jimmy is.

  3. good job – it can be so satisfying to “tame” those kittens. :) he looks like a charmer

  4. Laurie says:

    I just ordered a bunch of cat toys………….I’m absolutely his slave – ha! He’s shredded all but one of every toy that has feathers on it. His 5 year old housemate, Crazy, is rather put out that the little newbie destroyed her hot pink feather wand. I must make it right by her or she’ll seek revenge when I least expect it.

  5. Cattywumpus says:

    I love these Jimmy stories – I’ve always had a tuxie, and now I have two, plus a house panther. Any updates on Jimmy?

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