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Good news, the final cat we’ve been trying to catch at the RH site has now been trapped!

Apparently she was not afraid of my wooden drop trap and she made a practice of hanging out under it with her close friend Toby. Since we had a spay appointment available for Monday morning, the on-site feral cat caretaker pulled the trip string and successfully trapped her tonight!

She’s now in my basement awaiting transport to the clinic. Her mothering days are over, she’ll get to enjoy the pleasures of being a spoiled and spayed community cat.

She’s very pretty and has a sweet temperament.

So, once she has been spayed and released again this project will be winding down. The last remaining bit will be to write up a final summary of the project and to deliver it to the neighbors on the block in hopes to further educate them about TNR.

4 Responses to “The Siamese mother has been trapped!”

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    Thank you so much for telling us about her again and I am so grateful she was trapped. She is a beautiful girl. I am grateful for the people who do TNR. What a blessing to the cats.

  2. Nice catch!!!! We like the idea of a report to the neighors to keep them posted on your progress – great idea.

  3. She sure is a pretty lady! Glad she is trapped and will now enjoy life as a fixed girl! hugs, Linda

  4. oh myyy she is simply exquisite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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