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update on Siamese mom

The Siamese mom was successfully spayed on Monday. Apparently she was in heat, so it’s really good we got her when we did!

The vet at the clinic suspects she may have gotten into some rat poison too because she bled more than what would be expected for a girl kitty in heat. So we were instructed to keep her confined for at least two nights before releasing her. Since she will be doing her recovery in the garage of the neighbor who trapped her, I ran over my medium sized dog pen which has been converted into a feral cat recovery room.

The caretaker was trying to arrange it so the Siamese’s best feral kitty friend, Toby could keep her company as she recovers. She’s amazing docile.

5 Responses to “update on Siamese mom”

  1. Glad she is ok. And no more babies!!

  2. she is such a gorgeous girl! I am so praying she will be adopted and I hope she will be ok if she ate rat poison

  3. docile until she feels better…. :)

    we hope maybe in your update to the neighbors you mention something about rat poisons….. we hope she is feeling better soon – and glad you caught her before more kittens!!

  4. Laurie says:

    The look on her face is priceless! I hope her bff Toby can come hang with her until she’s recovered.

  5. GREG_1948 says:

    Off the subject but I FINALLY saw Oliver in the Live Cam Feeder shot! Rumors that it is really a still photo are untrue!

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