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Brown Kitty

I’m sure this will not come as a surprise, but I have grown quite emotionally attached to each of the cats in my backyard feral colony even though I don’t ever get to touch them. For me one of the biggest challenges of taking care of the ferals is not being able to keep them safe from all the dangers of the city. I worry every night about Oliver, his family and the other community cats that visit my backyard. All I can do is say a prayer for them and hope to see them again the next day.

Brown Kitty enjoys being near the catnip tree

Having community cats disappear without any warning really gets to me. I so much want to protect these cats and keep them warm, fed and safe but there are always limits to how much I can do. Not knowing the outcome of the cats just kills me.

Brown Kitty has been missing now for about a week. I haven’t seen any sign of him. I know Oliver was never fond of Brown Kitty but that didn’t stop him from coming around for food. There was even a time when he lived on site for a number of weeks. It was a common sight to see Brown Kitty in the feeder having a nice meal or lounging by the catnip tree. I even modified the Dining Hall and both of the heated feral houses to make them safer for Brown Kitty.

It seemed over the course of time that he would let me get closer to him, so much so that I was hoping one day to be able to give him some pets. Even though I never got to touch him or tell him up close what a wonderful cat he is, I became quite attached to him.

With the ongoing tension between Oliver and Brown Kitty I was encouraged to consider relocating Brown Kitty to a nice barn environment where he would be well looked after and wouldn’t have to worry about an antagonistic Oliver. A little over a week ago I finally came around and accepted this idea as being the best thing for Oliver and Brown Kitty even though it would cause me great heartbreak. But then before I could trap Brown Kitty for the relocation, he disappeared.

I sure hope nothing horrible has come upon Brown Kitty and that maybe he found a better home someplace else. It’s hard to hold onto a potentially positive outcome rather than a negative one, but both are possible outcomes. I know that I miss him and his mesmerizing golden eyes.

I miss you Brown Kitty and hope you are well. Please come back to let me you are ok.

5 Responses to “Brown Kitty”

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    This brings the sting of tears to my eyes because seeing your care and love for the helpless and innocent melts my heart. You and your wife are loving heroes to me and all of the ferals too.

  2. It is the hardest part….mom only catches glimpses of Allie (our feral) every few days and it breaks her heart when the weather gets bad. She know Allie wouldn’t want to be inside, so we do what we can. We hope Brown Kitty is ok and maybe you get a glimpse of him to know that.

  3. Oh this is so hard!! I know we have decided to bring Mr Toes inside now that he has been neutered and had his shots. It is so hard to think of something happening to him out there. So far Charlie is accepting him and they are working things out. I hope that Brown Kitty found a new place to live. Wishing you some peace on this but I understand how hard that is. Hugs, Linda

  4. heidi says:

    Have no fear, he is probably fine. He may have found somewhere that he likes and Oliver isnt. I have 8 relocated ferals that I had penned for a while. When I let them go 3 disappeared. 2 are daily meal eaters but I didnt see one for months. Then I saw her twice in a week, and now nothing for a month. Greener grass I suspect.

  5. heidi says:

    oops, the other 5 stay around my house and have since they were released. So out of 8 the 3 dont stay with me but are still nearby.

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