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Fall is certainly in the air. The nights are getting cooler, in fact we had our first frost this morning. So, with the arrival of the cold means it’s time to turn on the heat for the outdoor kitties. Oliver didn’t waste anytime finding this out, this morning I found him curled up in his heated bed staying toasty warm.

Oliver’s family has been coming earlier in the evening and staying later into the morning. I’ve been rewarding their extra time with some special wet foods (they usually only get dry food). Even though Oliver doesn’t get too excited about wet food, his family sure does, they love it.

I love spoiling the outdoor cats. They don’t get all the spoils the inside cats do, so I try to find little ways of making their lives more enjoyable. One such luxury is heat.

Seeing Oliver’s family hanging around more has got me thinking how I might be able to provide a warm spot for all the cats. Right now there are only two heated areas, Oliver’s loft on the back porch (where he sleeps) and Oliver’s outdoor house. Since there are four in Oliver’s family, I think I need to add at least two other heated spots around the yard so everyone has a warm place.

3 Responses to “spoils”

  1. Love that the kitties have warm spots in your yard!!

  2. I have to come up with a plan for Allie. I know she wouldn’t come into the garage if I left the door cracked and I live in a condo assn that may not like my putting out the standard “rubbermaid” house. Maybe a project for the weekend….

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    I am so happy for Oliver’s family. You and your wife are the best.

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