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Preparation for trapping continues at the BP site. Penny installed a few wildlife cameras at the site so we could see how many cats are feeding in the traps. After several days of pictures, it’s hard to tell exactly how many cats there are but after enhancing some of the photos, I’m guessing we have four or five different cats in the photos.

You be the judge and see how many unique cats you see.

photo courtesy of Penny

 Here we have a tuxedo (1) and maybe a Siamese/tuxedo mix (2) in the trap


photo courtesy of Penny

This one is hard to see, but it looks to me like a tabby (3) based on the subtle stripes.


photo courtesy of Penny

The same tuxedo (1) and a Siamese (4) on top of the trap.

photo courtesy of Penny

A closeup of that Siamese (4)


photo courtesy of Penny

Tuxedo (1) again and unknown cat in the trap, maybe the tabby (3) or a different cat.


photo courtesy of Penny

 Cute Tuxedo (1) again.

We have had conflicting numbers and reports from the feeders, so I guess come trapping day (Saturday), we won’t know for sure. But with these pictures and the ones that from Thursday night and Friday, we should have an idea of the specific cats we are looking for.

3 Responses to “hidden cameras reveal cats”

  1. Terri says:

    I suspect Siamese #1, may be the same cat as #4…but hard to tell. While seeing feral cats is always somewhat sad, as they are not naturally occurring per say, seeing feral siamese always leaves me even more perplexed. Clearly dumped themselves, or a generation or two removed from dumped. Not a “naturally occurring” wild color for sure. Good luck with the trapping – that little tuxie looks like it might even be of an age where it could come around given time 😉

  2. Marg says:

    That is different to have a Siamese in the mix. It sure looks like or is a product of a abandoned cat. Hope you get them all on Saturday. It is hard to tell if those are two different Siamese and I am guess that might be the Siamese in the trap. Anyway good luck on Saturday.

  3. good luck…..hopefully you can leave the traps and camera out after catching some Saturday to see if you can tell by the ear tips :)

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