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It’s been a busy weekend of TNR activities even though there’s still a full day remaining in the weekend!

Yesterday was trapping day for the BP site. Because the cats were acclimated to the traps for a solid week and didn’t get fed the night before, I was expecting this to be a quick trapping experience. In maybe an hour or two we would have the five kittens. The project co-leader and I arrived at 8am, set the traps and waited. And waited. And waited…

Setting up traps under the watchful eyes of the Siamese mix.

The friendliest of the kittens, a cute snowshoe watched me setup everything and politely stayed out of the traps! After about two hours of hanging out she/he decided it was time to go into the trap.

A few hours later it’s friend, the little tuxedo made an appearance and was trapped.

photo courtesy of Penny

At this site, we haven’t been staying for the entire time, we left and came back to check the traps every two hours or so.

Their afternoon feeding time was 4pm, so I was expecting more activity then. That activity never materialized, so I decided to call in the trapper’s secret weapon…

Sadly, it was rather ineffective.

The third cat, a pretty white and brown mix showed up close to 6pm.

The project co-leader and the rescue she works with decided they would try to tame up the two Siamese-type kittens for possible adoption. That’s great! So now, the tuxedo and hopefully the other two yet to be trapped kittens are the only ones needing a new home. And it just so happens that we might have a few relocation options. The kind hearted woman who notified us about these kittens has offered to let the kittens be relocated onto her land if need be. So, that option is currently being explored.

At 10pm, I closed up the traps for the night. I was excited to see one of the traps closed with something moving around inside, but it turned out to be a confused opossum!

Three out of five cats trapped. There’s more trapping to do!

When I got home after a long day of trapping, as I was tending to Oliver and his family, I noticed a new cat on the back porch. This one had dark brown long hair and no ear tip. He seemed friendly but didn’t let me approach. I’ve not seen him around the neighborhood before, so I don’t know his story.

I watched him for a bit, he was more interested in the nip nanner than the food!

Since visitors don’t tend to stay long (Oliver has a way of chasing them off) and I knew I had two spay/neuter appointments available the next morning, I decided to try to trap him.

It didn’t take long and I had him. Poor thing was so scared, he is certainly a friendly. Even though he seemed friendly, I’m nervous about taking the required liberties that are involved with assessing gender and altered status. I don’t have much experience doing this on cats in traps, especially long haired ones. After several attempts of poking at his privates I determined he was probably an unaltered boy.

Early this morning I took him next door to the vet for a free spay/neuter check and microchip scan. The vet tech confirmed I had a friendly unneutered boy with no microchip. So, he went in this morning to the spay/neuter clinic with the three from the BP site. I paid the extra money to get him tested, wormed, vaccinated and not ear tipped. I’m not sure what I’ll do with him yet.

After such a long day of TNR’ing, I can say that backyard TNR is way easier than TNR at some site somewhere! For whatever reason unaltered cats have a way of wandering into my yard. Maybe I should post signs:

(updated: 10/31/2012 9:12pm)

4 Responses to “trapping and more trapping!”

  1. Marg says:

    Wow, great job catching all those cats even though, you may not have gotten them all, you got the one extra at your house. That is so great and really makes me happy to see these cats getting spayed and neutered and then returned to where they will get fed. Happy day.

  2. love the idea of the sign. have you ever noticed that they seem to know when you actually INTEND to trap and then mysteriously disappear?? MOL Having been there, I can laugh with you. :)

  3. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Good luck getting the remaining two at the site.

    The one who showed up at your house–well, he won’t really miss his mancatly bits. So glad you got him! Wonder what his story is, since he seems friendly. Maybe someone’s abandoned cat, now on his own for some time, like Toby here?

    Fingers crossed for them all, Phil, and universal Light being sent for their Highest Good.

  4. Terri says:

    I had to laugh at the cats not “cooperating” with your efforts. Isn’t that always the way? I noticed in previous pictures the towels over the traps appeared dark colored and the current picture showed a hot pink towel. Were they changed for the trapping? If so, that might be a to for the cats.

    Kudos to you for taking care of the long haired brown stray. My parents took any stray that showed up on their property to the vet for spaying or neutering. They didn’t microchip them, but they knew they wouldn’t have any litters of kittens appearing in their garage.

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