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The brown tabby I trapped in my backyard on Saturday night is now back after his neuter. He is a young adult, 9 pounds 7 oz, tested negative for FELV (yahoo!!) and is generally healthy. He did have fleas and so was treated with Advantage II. He’s quite friendly and did not have a microchip.


He’s currently recovering in my “recovery” pen, where he has a hammock, soft fleece bed, litter box, yummy food and a nip nanner! He seems to be doing well. For a limited time, you can see for yourself, with the live video from his pen. It may be dark during the night as the pen is covered with a blanket to keep him feeling safer.

So, now the question is what to do with him.  He is clearly super friendly and very well maybe someone’s pet cat. Do I just release him back into the yard and hope he finds his way home or do I foster him and adopt him out? I did a online search for any lost cat postings but did not find any that match him. I don’t want to take someone’s sweet cat but at the same time it seems to me that a responsible cat owner would neuter and microchip their cat and if they lost it they would hang posters and advertise ‘lost cat’.  I’m not sure what to do. I’m not in a hurry to make a decision, but I will need to decide sometime.

A BROWN TABBY alert has been posted!!!

We are big suckers for tabbies. All of our indoor cats are tabbies. We cannot have another cat! 5½ indoor cats is already too many. This guy is so cute though and reminds me a lot of my Nahum. He has a very similar demeanor as Nahum, very curious about everything, even when scared. So, if we decide to adopt him out, we will probably be fostering him until he finds a good home. I’ve always been resistant to fostering because the whole becoming attached and then letting go is hard for me. But, if we choose to find him a good home, I may very well get my opportunity to work through my letting go issues.

7 Responses to “decisions”

  1. Terri says:

    Can you check with your other neighborhood contacts to see if others have seen this handsome boy? You could also put up found cat signs in the area. While it is possible he is someones missing kitty, it is equally if not more likely that he was sadly dumped or kicked out. I would ask around, and after doing that you can proceed if need be with finding that adorable dude a family.

  2. Marg says:

    If I were you, I would foster him for a little while while looking for an owner. It sounds like maybe someone moved away and just left him. He does look like a nice cat. He looks like he has been getting some food somewhere. Maybe someone was feeding him but just feeding him.

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    I hope you are able to foster him. He is friendly and it would be so sad that he continue to be on his own and at the mercy of anyone and anything. I agree that someone dumped this baby or just moved and left him behind, vbless his sweet heart.

    If you or anyone can foster him for awhile I will bet anything some lucky family will adopt him and make him their own.

  4. Fuzzy Tales says:

    My opinion is to foster him, Phil, not to just let him go. With a friendly and loving disposition, a wonderful home could be found for him, I hope. Fingers and paws crossed. I definitely understand that it can’t be yours, though, not permanently!

  5. the best part of fostering is know that you are helping a kitty find their OWN forever home…..

  6. Terri says:

    I would post some fliers in the neighborhood and put a found pet ad in the newspaper. If no one comes forth I would find this great cat a furever home. It is entirely possible someone moved away without him then he heard about the buffet and accommodations :)

  7. He is a real handsome guy!! I hope you can find him a good home!

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