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first site assessment

Earlier this afternoon, I had my first onsite meeting to walk the neighborhood with the house owner and the current tenants. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the site and fine tune the scope of the project. The main part of this project will be to focus on trapping all the kittens and whatever non-altered feral adult cats we can manage to trap.

On the walk around, we saw a number of kittens and quite a few adult cats milling about. Some of the cats and kittens were more weary than others.

One of the great things about this project is all the people who are cooperative and enthusiastic about helping cats! Both the owner and the tenants are all very interested in bettering the lives of these community cats. All the neighbors I met were also either encouraging of our work or neutral. After my first collaborative trapping experience, having such friendly, cooperative people sure is a nice change!

Now that the scope has been more clearly defined, the next step will be to arrange some of the supporting details, such as borrowing enough traps, getting food, blankets, towels, newspapers, etc. I will also need to get to work on writing up a little note to leave on doors of neighbors to inform them of what we are doing and requesting they keep their pet cats indoors to avoid us inadvertently trapping them.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Phil, you are truly amazing. This is going to be so helpful for so many people. Thanks for doing it! n

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