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BP kittens relocated

The four kittens from the BP site were relocated to their permanent barn home this past Monday! (The fifth kitten is taming nicely and has a fondness for laps!)

This is the barn home for these four special girls:

The property is a working farm out in the middle of nowhere and there are lots of hidey spots for the cats. They already have three  ferals on the property. We went out, assessed the site and setup the acclimation cages in the barn and then transferred the kittens to the cages.

This is what the final setup looks like:

There are two large cages that are connected together to make one super-huge cage. The first cage has their cozy sleeping spot and lots of soft blankets and pillows. The second cage has their water, food and litter box.

It didn’t take long at all after we setup everything for the resident barn cats to check it out!

Releasing the cats required Nancy to climb in the cage with the kittens!

They didn’t want to leave their cozy carrier and so had to be coaxed out.

One by one, they made their way to their new safe, covered home.

 It didn’t take long for the curious resident barn cats to come check out their new friends.

In two weeks or so the kittens will be set free from their cages. The idea of the acclimation is to get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of their new home. And they learn that with those sights, sounds and smells comes unlimited free food!

It’s great to know these four lucky kittens will have a dry roof over their heads and will not need to worry about food! In exchange they will help to keep the rodent population in check on the property. I heard that the location where we trapped them, at the park was underwater from the recent heavy rain. The timing of this trapping and relocation was perfect!

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  1. Nice save. We love that they have such a nice new home – and new companions to show them the ropes!!

  2. A nice barn is a lovely home for those three kitties. Good Job!

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