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One of the TNR volunteers with the Community Cat Coalition recently shared this video that her husband created for her as a Christmas gift. Little Xander looks very rough in the first few pictures but stay with it to see how he gets better, oh and you might need to have the box of tissues handy for the happy ending.

This video was made for her by her incredibly supportive husband Chris, and Bonne from MEOW (who helped Janis with this rescue, as they do so many) sent me this note about it : “It features a kitten who Janis worked so hard to save earlier this year. Xander had very bad herpes infection in his eyes and a terrible upper respiratory infection that prevented him from being able to eat on his own for weeks on end. Janis syringe fed him and medicated him several times a day, day after day, when there seemed to be no improvement and no hope. She never gave up. Finally her efforts paid off. He’s big and healthy now.”

Thank you Janis, MEOW, and everyone who works to give the homeless cats a better chance at a quality life. You all are my heroes.

3 Responses to “Xander”

  1. Fisher says:

    Such a beautiful kitty! Your determination, passion and kindness is so wonderful. Look what you did! Love it.

  2. Marg says:

    Wow, he really did grow up to be a beautiful cat. That is so terrific and we sure do applaud Janis for working so hard on him. It is just awesome that there are people around like that.

  3. This is just an amazing thing to watch. Love can move mountains! Xander is a beauty and so loved! Thanks you for sharing this!
    hugs, Linda

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