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Meet Goliath, the newest backyard visitor. He first started showing up in the last week of 2012.


I don’t know his real name, so I’ve started calling him Goliath because he’s enormous! He’s got to be the largest cat I’ve ever seen.


wishing he would raise his tail so I could do a neuter check via camera!

As you can see he’s wearing a collar, so he might actually belong to someone. I don’t recognize him as one of the usual neighborhood cats, but I suppose he could be knew to the area. It also wouldn’t surprise me if someone abandoned him with a collar on. I’ve checked listings for lost cats and none match his description.


He’s a sharp looking cat, white and cream colored with an orange stripped tail. It doesn’t appear to me as though the collar has any tags, the thing hanging down looks like the flap of the collar.


He only comes around between 2:30 AM and 4 AM. Crazy!


Oliver did his best to get him to get off his property but Goliath just ignores his warnings. Oliver’s even tried fighting him a few times and I don’t know how Goliath fared but Oliver came back pretty beat up. Even with the fighting, Goliath comes immediately back.

My plan is to trap Goliath and get him scanned for a microchip and a neuter check. I’ve tried to approach him but he always runs off. Trapping him will be a challenge because he only comes around in the crazy early hours of the morning and since Oliver and his family are always around at that time, I’ll need to use a drop trap so I be sure to get the right cat. It’ll probably be a weekend when I can stay up that late and I’m waiting until I get my feral holding cage completed that way if I need to hold this guy for a few days he’ll have some room.

9 Responses to “Goliath”

  1. He could be someone’s cat because he looks AWFULLY well-fed!

  2. Marg says:

    He is a pretty cat. Hope you can trap him. He must belong to someone or used to belong to someone. He is so handsome. Keep us updated.

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    His collar looks a bit tight. He IS a large boy and he is a handsome one too.

  4. Fuzzy Tales says:

    He’s very handsome, Phil. Good luck getting him. Glad he’s got the buffet at your house, anyway.

  5. We hope he does belong to someone…..or that you can find him another (better) home. Funny about the times he shows up…..

    Good luck catching him.

  6. Fisher says:

    We will look forward to updates on Goliath. You are doing such a great service to him. Investigating is great – I can you imagine how thrilled someone might be if you crack the case and he can get back to his people.

  7. nancy says:

    Yes, he really does look like a pet–too well fed. I’m sure you’ve checked with local shelters, police departments, and area vet offices to see if “Goliath” has been reported as missing? Of course, he may just be a middle of the night visitor from a distant neighbor’s yard? Wonder if he’s micro-chipped? (I’m guessing he’s neutered…)

  8. MizzBassie says:

    He’s a good-looking kitty. Well-groomed, too. Regarding the camera neuter-check, don’t forget that females can be orange too. It’s just less frequent than for the males. Does he have the big head of a male?

    Hope you can trap him.

  9. Cattywumpus says:

    My, he IS big! Good luck with your detective work.

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