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lost cat

On the way to work yesterday I saw a Lost Cat poster. I read the information on the poster and was impressed that the owner placed a poster so far from her home. In the past I would see such a poster and feel sad and say a prayer for the kitty and move on. But this time was different.


This morning I called the lady and learned the details, we talked about what she had done so far and some other options. One thing I have learned in my work with the Community Cat Coalition, is that most altered pet cats that get scared and go missing usually do not go far. They tend to hunker down somewhere not too far from where they got scared.


There are several important things to do to find a lost cat.

  1. Print lots of flyers with your contact info (phone and email), a good picture and description of the cat and pass them out to everyone within a few blocks from your house in all directions. The more people who are keeping an eye out for your cat the better the odds of someone spotting it and calling you.
  2. Set a few humane traps in the area around your home or other logical places the cat may be hiding. You can borrow (or rent) traps from a local animal rescue group or maybe your animal shelter. My local feed co-op rents live humane traps out. Bait the trap with something stinky and delicious, like tuna or wet canned cat food. Check the trap often and be sure to leave it set over night as your afraid cat will most likely search for food under the cover of darkness. Be aware that you may end up trapping a neighbor’s pet cat, a feral cat or something like a raccoon. If it’s not your cat, release it from the trap and hopefully it won’t be dumb enough to return to the trap again.
  3. Call or visit the local animal shelter to see if anyone’s brought in your cat. If your cat is microchipped then you can rest a little easier as hopefully most vet clinics and shelters will scan for a microchip first thing. Make sure your contact information is up to date in the microchip database! Outdated contact information will do you no good.

In the case of this lost cat, I’m planning to loan her some traps and instruct her how to set them. I’ve also encouraged her to handout flyers to all the neighbors around her in a several block radius. Hopefully, even though it’s been a week we can find her lost cat.

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