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win and lose

I’ve been helping out on two different TNR projects lately. One site is at a local park, where there have been reports of two orange cats hanging out. Some other trappers set up four traps around the park, and I’ve been going down early morning and late at night to check the traps.



After several days of checking the traps we didn’t get any cats. However, one evening when I was driving around the area after dark, I noticed two cats hanging out by the road about a mile away from the park. There are no houses around, so these cats don’t belong to anyone. After setting up a feeding station and camera by the road at this other location, we learned there are two cats feeding there. No idea if they are the cats we were looking for or not, but we are planning to trap them later in the week.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning when I went to check the traps, the sunrise was amazing over the distant mountains. I kicked myself for not brining my camera. So, Saturday I planned ahead and brought my camera. Here was the scene Saturday morning:



Super foggy! No sunrise, no amazing view. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.



Even though the sun didn’t make an appearance, I’m still thankfully I brought my camera that day, because it turned out I needed something to occupy my time. After checking traps, my car died! So, I ended up being there are few hours trying to get the car running and then waiting for the tow truck!



Having reliable transportation is essential TNR equipment!

4 Responses to “win and lose”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    That second fog shot is particularly wonderful, love it!

    Good luck trapping these two cats…and with the car repairs. As much as I sometimes wish for the convenience of a vehicle, I don’t wish for the costs associated with it. LOL.

  2. Marg says:

    Well that stinks, that your car died. Hope it wasn’t anything horrible. And wishing you lots of luck getting those two cats. Take care.

  3. TNR is hard work!! Sorry your car died, but love the fog photos! Wishing you luck on getting the cats trapped!

  4. Fisher says:

    I really enjoy reading about your adventures with the cats. Your dedication is remarkable – even the foggy day photos were pretty neat.

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