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The more I do TNR the more I learn. One way of learning is to learn from mistakes. I hope to share some of those mistakes with you all so everyone can learn and hopefully avoid them in the future.

This afternoon, we set three traps along a stretch of road in the middle of nowhere at the place where I had seen two cats alongside the road the other day. We had been feeding the cats in the traps for a few days and a wildlife camera confirmed we had two cats eating out of the traps – a dark colored cat and a fluffy orange, light colored cat.

So, tonight I went to check the traps in hopes of having two cats for the early morning spay/neuter clinic tomorrow.

I found this fluffy darker colored partly-calico cat, sitting quietly in it’s closed trap. It had eaten all the food and was very patient. This cat seems very tame to me (and gorgeous!)



I went on to look at the other traps. The silver trap was still open, it hadn’t gotten any visitors. The second brown trap looked like this:


My heart sank. The trap had not been positioned correctly, so when the trap door closed, it hit the massive root that was sticking out of the ground and the cat easily escaped.

I’m hopeful that the cat did not get scared off and thus become trap savvy. I’m guessing it wasn’t too scared, I say this because most of all the bait-food in the trap was eaten. The trap would have been triggered right when the cat went to eat the food. The door would have gone to close but was stopped by the root. As you can see in the picture, the metal bar that is suppose to slide down to secure the door didn’t get very far due to the door being ajar. So, I’m guess the noise associated with the door closing was minimal, thus the cat wasn’t scared and went on to eat all the bait-food before wandering out and away.

So, the plan is to reset the trap with new bait-food and repositioning it away from the root. And check again crazy early in the morning before the s/n clinic. Hopefully, the cat comes back for a midnight snack and everything goes smoothly this time!

TNR Lesson #45: when setting up a trap, always check to make sure nothing will obstruct the closing of the trap door!

5 Responses to “lessons”

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    I know it’s boring to hear and hear from me but I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Marg says:

    Good lesson. So what happened to that pretty cat that you caught. It did look very calm.

  3. a good lesson – mom says she tries to make sure the traps are nice and level before setting them…..but it is a good reminder to be aware :) good luck – and nice catch on the calico

  4. Good lesson and that calico is a beauty!

  5. Fisher says:

    The first cat is a beauty! I hope the second cat will come back and be included in the morning. Best wishes to you and the cats.

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