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relo setup

It didn’t take long to find a barn home for the fluffy orange boy and fluffy calico girl. I posted an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone needed some barn cats and a few hours later, I had my first reply. I arranged a time to assess the site. And when I got there I liked what I saw. I explained the process and looked around. There were plenty of places for cats to hide if they needed to get away from predators and I liked that the resident outdoor cat, Greene, was doing well after five years on the job.

So, Sunday afternoon, Nancy, my TNR mentor, and I setup the cats in some posh acclimation cages, where they will hang out for three weeks and get used to the sights, smells and sounds of the area.


We decided to setup the relocation cages in the back part of this storage space. This way the cats would be protected from rain but would still be able to look around. There are three large wire crates all connected together.


The cage on the far right has their sleeping chamber (an upside down half of a dog crate) with a blanket under it and sleeping bag on top.


The middle cage has more soft beds and the water and the last cage has the litter box and food dispenser. The reason we give them so much space as we want them to be comfortable and not feel like they’re in prison.

We released the calico girl into the enclosure first. This is done by putting the carrier containing the cat in the cage, climbing fully in the cage and securing the door so if the cat goes crazy trying to escape it cannot. Nancy assured me it’s rare the cat goes crazy but if it does then to crouch low and protect your head and vital organs.


Nancy went first and released the calico without much trouble. After a minute or two of looking around, the cat obediently made her way into the hidey spot, just like she was supposed to do. Then it was my turn to release the orange boy.


I did just as Nancy did and she locked me in with the orange boy in the carrier. I moved it into position so when I opened the carrier, he would run toward the hidey spot, which he did. However, he didn’t go into the hidey spot, he ran around in a panic trying to find a way out. Not finding it in the cage he was in, he decided to check out the cage I was in, he did so by running at me and jumping over me. Eventually, with some careful maneuvering, he got to where he was suppose to be.


In their temporary new home at last

The resident barn cat, Greene, kept a close watch over our happenings.


Greene looks a lot like my Oliver, except more plump!


These are some nice temporary quarters for these two cats. Hopefully, the acclimation period does the trick and they learn that this area is their home. Of course the idea is that they become familiar with the space and learn that they have a reliable source of food here so when they are released they will stay near to get the food.


Now comes the waiting. I’ll keep checking in with the caretakers to see how the cats are doing. I sure hope they settle into the space. After seeing these two cats up close, they didn’t appear feral to me, but rather very scared cats. I’m still betting they were abandoned pets. So, I’m holding out hope they will be friendly again once they relax and feel safe. Time will tell.

4 Responses to “relo setup”

  1. Marg says:

    That looks terrific. Glad a home was found so quickly. HOpe those two make that their home. They should after three weeks.

  2. what a great set up and find for these kits. We bet Greene helps them get settled in no time.

  3. Praying this works out for them! Sweeties looked a little spooked by it all!


  4. Terri says:

    Hope the luvs settle in and are happy with their new home.

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