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fork étiquette

It’s important to know how to correctly wield a trap divider. Improper use can lead to devastating consequences.


I tried to talk Oliver into illustrating this lesson by hanging out in the trap for me, but he declined my invitation.

Trap dividers are a very handy TNR tool, when used properly. They are used most frequently in the post surgery recovery time to secure a cat in the trap while changing the bedding or adding food.



As you can see, the fork is inserted side to side. The end of the prongs stick out through the side of the trap and there is only a tiny gap between the bottom of the trap and the bottom fork rung.


My trap divider has a handy little catch to secure it to the side of the trap. This prevents a cat from sliding the fork out and escaping.



Using the fork from the top is bad news. Save yourself a lot of grief and trust me on this!


When the cat pushes against the bottom of the fork, there is nothing to keep the fork from swiveling out of the way and the cat escaping. This is exactly what happened at the BP site last Fall when the person who trapped the cat went to change the bedding and didn’t insert the fork properly. The cat charged the fork, which swiveled up and the cat escaped. I was very unhappy.

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