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Diamond Jim update

Cattywumpus requested an update on Jimmy, so I passed along that request to Jimmy’s caretaker, Laurie. It sure sounds like Jimmy is living large now! Rescued from the streets as an older kitten, tamed and now being spoiled! Laurie sent me the following update and photos:

Jimmy is a wild and crazy teenager. He spends a lot of time stalking and pestering Phoebe and Crazy and they are not amused. To channel his pesky teen energy, we play. He chases Da Bird around until he’s pooped, then has a nap. He’s grown into a rather handsome young guy and still has that charming personality. And, his love of bling hasn’t waned, at all. I have to put my rings in my pocket when I take them off to put lotion on my hands. I sat them on the table a while back and he stole one of them. Thankfully, his secret stash spot for toys is under the bed and I found the little klepto’s stolen diamond ring squirreled away with the furry mice. He enjoys supervising anything I’m working on from knitting to sewing to painting. He really enjoys laying on my yarn while I’m knitting and chewing the yarn in half when I look away. He also enjoys his computer time. Cursors and screen savers are kitty crack to him. Life is good for the felines here at Tuxedo Junction :)

Handsome guy:


Supervising knitting:


The “I’m Busted” face, when he’s caught chewing yarn in half:


Katnap quality control:


Computer time:


Life is SO exhausting!



3 Responses to “Diamond Jim update”

  1. Katie Isabella says:

    I am completely and totally in love. He and Katie coulda be twin purrsonalities.

  2. Fisher says:

    So nice to see him living the good life!

  3. Aw!! What a great update and he looks so happy! I wish all kitties could have such a good life!


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