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I recently got the email that is so common to rescue folks, a person is asking for help after seeing a mama cat and kittens living under their shed. The site is only a few miles from me, so I was asked if I wanted the project. I said yes. One particular challenge with this site is the cat and kittens have not been seen since the fourth of July. The fireworks might have scared them off.

I’ve never trapped kittens before, so thankfully a very experienced kitten trapper offered to help me on the project. She came along the first day and assessed the site. Since then she has been on call for phone support and hasn’t let me down yet! I’m very thankful for the help.

The traps sat empty all day yesterday. Rather than close them for the night, we decided to bungee them open so we could see if the food disappeared in the night, a sign that perhaps the cats were still around. Sure enough the food was gone come morning. I arrived early this morning and reset the traps.

A few hours later I had my first cat, a gray tuxedo girl. She seems friendly, hopefully, she is the mama.


mama cat being used to lure her babies into the traps


I’ll go back shortly to check the traps once again, hopefully I’ll have the babies!

8 Responses to “trapping mama and babies”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Oh, fingers crossed, good luck!

  2. Marg says:

    Oh we sure hope you get all the babies. Good luck.

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    I SO hope you get the babies!! Standing by!

  4. I sure hop it works! Poor mama and babies!

  5. good luck – we don’t like those phone calls either, but are glad you can help :)

  6. Lenore says:

    I hope you get them all at once. I can’t wait for your follow-up post! You do such nice work.

  7. Greg_1948 says:

    Not so much trouble if it is close to home. I do not remember if there were any updates on your car problems–quite a while back. If that is the mother, the kittens will be missing her, I suspect. Good luck at catching the rest of them. I have only seen neighbor hood cats I know pass through my own property, but when I am asleep, who knows???

  8. megsflowers7 says:

    I love reading this. I recently used a kitten as a lure for the mama cat! Now I don’t feel so bad! I’m new to the TNR world and I love learning about other people’s experience.

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