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kittens galore!

I volunteer with the Community Cat Coalition and part of what we do is to teach others how to TNR and caretake their community cats. There are way too many free roaming cats for us to TNR all by ourselves, so we hope to get lots of others trained and watching out for their cats.

This goal was beautifully realized on a recent project I had the privilege of assisting with. Myself and another CCC volunteer assisted a couple (J & D) in TNR’ing all 11 of their backyard feral cats. The couple did all the hard work, and we provided instruction and the traps.

A kitten that needs to be trapped

A kitten that needs to be trapped

The couple had been doing a nice job looking out for the cats but when J saw a kitten killed in the road one day, he knew he needed to get the population under control, so that’s when he reached out for help. The backyard colony consists of three adults, grandma, teenage mom and uncle (teenage mom’s brother) and eight kittens of varying ages. With all the attention J had given the cats, he was able to play with the kittens and the adults would get close to him at feeding time.

traps are set

traps are set

We made a plan, scheduled the spay/neuter appointments at the clinic and began feeding in the traps all around the backyard. On the day of the clinic, they had trapped all 11 cats! Four of the kittens were two young for the clinic but all the others went in. Sadly, the smallest of the kittens passed away from the anesthesia, this was my first time losing a cat in the TNR process. Very sad.

J & D did all the work. They trapped, transported to the clinic, post-surgery recovery and release. The three adults were the only cats released, they wanted to work with all seven remaining kittens to see if they could be tamed for possibly adopting out. I was thrilled to hear they wanted to socialize and tame the kittens.

Quickly the taming cages took over their dining room!


Four little kittens from the one litter in one cage and the other three in the other cage. Since the kittens all know each other, we talked about combining all the cages, something that’s probably been done already.



In this litter of four there are two black and white twin girls, a solid black boy and a Siamese girl.






J & D are doing a fantastic job taming and socializing. The little kittens were fairly easy going from the start but the older three were a little more feral.


These older boys are more skittish around people



Then look at them four days later after some great taming work by J:

J holding a purring kitten

J holding a now tame purring older kitten


Gray was the most skittish of them all, but he’s even coming around. I was able to pet him a little and I can’t wait to hold him. I’m very taken by his eyes, stunningly beautiful. I love his coloring.

I love meeting people who genuinely care about their backyard cats. These cats’ lives will be so much better having such good people watching over them. And of course all seven of these kittens will now get to spend their lives as spoiled inside kitties rather than feral cats. They will know love.


6 Responses to “kittens galore!”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    What a terrific story, well done to them, and to all! We’re sorry the littlest kitten passed, though. :-(

    Still, we hope they feel really, really good about their efforts and their continued work with the kittens, and we purr all the little ones find wonderful forever home.

  2. Marg says:

    Oh gosh, that is such a wonderful story. Please tell those people that they have done something really wonderful. Those lucky kitties sure moved into the right place. That is so great. Glad you are helping to teach people how to TNR. Good stuff.

  3. YEAH!!!! We are so glad you were able to help this couple. The best part of this work sometimes is the education and seeing it spread out…..

  4. nancy says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations on all the hard work! The Siamese is adorable!

  5. Katie Isabella says:

    Oh those little innocents. Dear little spirits.

  6. Greg_1948 says:

    I also think the Siamese looking kitten is adorable. It must feel good to rescue all of these little ones. I am assuming none will be euthanized if not adopted. The road is a terrible place. My next door neighbor backed his SUV over his own cat–Fred. It took Fred six months to recover. He had a broken leg and a broken pelvis. That was before I posted a blog about him. Now he lives the good life, but I always check behind my car before I leave, so I do not run over him. That would be terrible.

    It is good they are going to be socialized and adopted out.

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