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TNR Ops Center

I’m a big believer in setting myself up for success before jumping fully in. This past Spring and Summer, I have been constructing my very own secret TNR Operations Center in my garage. What is this you ask?

It’s a place to house and do my TNR work. I like for all my TNR equipment and materials to have a home, so I can find it when I need it. I also created a system to mark cages, traps and carriers as either clean or dirty. There are way too many details for me to remember, without such systems I would be prone to fail.

In the Spring I picked up some free cabinets for an upcoming kitchen remodel. I put one of the base cabinets in my TNR Ops Center along with some scrounged counter top. Now I have drawers and cabinets to store towels and supplies. Once the kitchen remodel gets done I’ll have a few more cabinets to integrate in.


I also built a holding pen for ferals. If I trap a sick feral or one needs a longer recovery time, I don’t like keeping them in the trap for so long, so I built a holding pen out of wood and scrap wire shelving that a friend generously donated. It’s split into two halves which can be separated by a board to make two smaller pens or left open for a larger one. All the wire shelves on the front open (they swivel up or down) so there is complete access to the space. I also built guillotine doors on each side for transferring cats to and from traps if needed. It’s a very handy space.


As you can see, there is space down below the holding pen for future expansion. Up until Wednesday, the space had only been used to hold a friendly cat while I looked for her owner. Then Wednesday I took in 6 tiny and sick feral kittens. They are now enjoying the space.

otnrc1Holding pen is on the right, in the far background is the raccoon-proof feral feeder and sealed food storage and on the left is the counter space which is very helpful when working with trapped cats. Slowly, my shop and garage is being converted into TNR space!

3 Responses to “TNR Ops Center”

  1. Marg says:

    That is so terrific. I really like your holding pen. What a great thing to have. Thanks for doing all this for the feral kitties. Take care.

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    I am just so amazed at your ingenuity. Your devotion to the feral cats is like a light shining in the darkness, which darkness consists of uncaring and unseeing humans and suffering cats. Thank you.

  3. I have no doubt whatsoever that you are a huge success with TNR!

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