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Last evening I went with some friends to assess a site for a cooperative trapping we are looking to do. Our group received a grant to cover spay/neuter, so we are planning to rent Pasado’s Mobile Spay & Neuter Clinic, bring it to the site and go to town! This clinic has everything on board for spay/neuter services! By bringing the clinic to the cats, the kitties won’t have to travel off site.

photo courtesy of examiner.com

We need at least 30 cats to fully utilize the mobile clinic and after walking around the target neighborhood, getting that number of cats will not be a problem. There were kittens and cats everywhere. Most are feral. We talked with lots of people who live there and learned there will be more than enough cats. And be assured, we won’t turn away any cats. Amazingly, about 25 cats have already recently been TNR’ed at this location and we will easily get about 40+ that need to be altered yet. If we determine some of the kittens are tameable and we can find people willing to tame, we will do our best to rescue those kittens and give them a chance at a cushy indoor lifestyle.

Walking through the neighborhood, we came across this sign, which is very appropriate!



Zooming in on the sign so you can read it, you’ll see the black cat in the background on the left.


Mama with kitten, yep, there are lots of those crossing the streets all over this neighborhood.

5 Responses to “mobile spay/neuter clinic”

  1. Marg says:

    That is so terrific that so many cats are getting helped and the mobile spay and neuter clinic is the best. Good stuff.

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    OH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  3. how awesome that you can go TO the neighborhood….it does make a difference. good luck for MANY surgeries

  4. greg1948 says:

    The mobile catmobile is a nice service. I remember the sad story of Pasado the donkey, I think. Much has been done for animals in his name. That is a great photo of the sign and the cat on the sidewalk!

    Greg, Zeke, Opie, Marigold.

  5. nancy says:

    That is just fabulous!!!!

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