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a new office cat

The current TNR project I’m working on involves an office cat. The office staff care takes a small colony of two feral cats, a mother and daughter. Both have been previously spayed and eartipped. Not long ago, they noticed a new cat, without an eartip started showing up. Our goal is to trap this cat, get him neutered and eartipped.


This newcomer doesn’t act like a feral, more like a stray. He’ll actually go inside the open office door and check things out. This feature is how we plan to selectively trap him but not the other two. The trap will be set inside the office.


Very handsome boy

These ferals have a nice safe and dry feral home. I wish all the feral cats had such nice accommodations and people looking out for them.


The plan is for one of the office workers to trap the cat on Sunday and then he goes to the clinic on Monday.

7 Responses to “a new office cat”

  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    Oh, what a love! Paws crossed for him — maybe he could find a forever home, if he’s a stray. We can hope!

  2. This is definitely a special cat and I hope he gets an office job and happy life very soon!

  3. Marg says:

    Oh he sure is handsome. We so hope they get him trapped. He looks young to us. Good job. Take care.

  4. Katie Isabella says:

    I would hire HIM in an East Tennessee moment! He is dressed for success! Oh how I love that feral home. I wish too that all ferals had protection like that. It warms my furry heart in the here and now. xo

  5. What a handsome guy! Lucky him to have found you and your office!

  6. Great idea to catch him!! Good luck….and tell those office people THANK YOU for caring about these kitties – that is a great house too!

  7. greg1948 says:

    That is a very interesting cat house they provided for the office cat. I am surprised he would use it, but then again, perhaps they put food inside to lure him inside. Sheltered next to the building, it should be pretty much sheltered from the weather. Looks like there might be electrical outlets just outside his door. Maybe he needs a porchlight?

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