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talk to the neighbors

One of the little things we do when we are working a TNR project is to talk with the neighbors. It’s good to find out from a neighborhood perspective how many cats there are and who is feeding them. It also gives us a chance to educate about TNR and inquire if they happen to have any friendly cats that need to be spayed or neutered.

On a recent project, one neighbor was thrilled at the offer of free/low-cost spay and neuter services. She had a mom cat who had just had a litter of kittens. So, we made arrangements to come back when the kittens were older and get them all altered. We went and picked them up tonight and now they are all hanging out in my holding cage for the night, waiting for their trip to the clinic Monday morning. They are very sweet cats.




The orange boy and black and white will be needing to find homes yet. The tortie kitten is already spoken for.

3 Responses to “talk to the neighbors”

  1. Jobi Harris says:

    I am happy you have a neighborhood you can talk to. I visited with a shelter that teaches people how to start TNR programs in their neighborhoods and found out that some volunteers have to be very careful and sneak around in the dark. It seems there are neighborhoods that would prefer to just kill the cats. Some have to treat it like a secret society. How awful!

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    Sweet babies to see this morning. I hope they do get their homes. There appears to be two forties! Wish they were mine. This is Katie’s mom speaking. I KNOW Katie does not agree.

  3. Marg says:

    Oh that is so terrific to have people that will cooperate as far as getting them all spayed and neutered. I have some neighbors that I did get three of the kittens fixed but they didn’t want to do the Momma cat. I may just whisk her off and get her done too. Thanks so much for doing this. It means fewer cats in the shelters.

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