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relo success

I posted about the relocation setup for two free roaming community cats back in mid April. The cats were released after a prolonged period of acclimation and I just received my first update from their new caretaker! She has been seeing both of them around their property and managed to snap a photo of the […]

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relo setup

It didn’t take long to find a barn home for the fluffy orange boy and fluffy calico girl. I posted an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone needed some barn cats and a few hours later, I had my first reply. I arranged a time to assess the site. And when I got there I […]

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beware the coyote

Later in the night, after trapping the one cat and resetting the two traps, I talked with my TNR mentor. I shared with her about this TNR site, being in the middle of no-where, with no houses around for miles. She was a bit surprised that we were leaving the traps open all night, she […]

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The more I do TNR the more I learn. One way of learning is to learn from mistakes. I hope to share some of those mistakes with you all so everyone can learn and hopefully avoid them in the future. This afternoon, we set three traps along a stretch of road in the middle of […]

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win and lose

I’ve been helping out on two different TNR projects lately. One site is at a local park, where there have been reports of two orange cats hanging out. Some other trappers set up four traps around the park, and I’ve been going down early morning and late at night to check the traps.   After […]

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