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LS site update

The LS trapping project I believe continues. I haven’t been back there for awhile now but the woman who was doing most of the trapping last reported having trapped 22 cats. A few of those were kittens. She believes there are several more litters of kittens around, but getting those without getting direct access to […]

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another day of trapping

Trapping feral cats at the LS site continues. I stopped by in the early evening and found two more traps full. Total is up to 14 cats trapped now, at least one is pregnant. And there are still more cats yet to trap. This site is proving to be like many where the estimated number […]

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trapping assistance

I was recently invited to help another trapper set traps at a site. Since the invitation came I was excited at the chance as it feels like it has been ages since I have gotten some trapping field experience. We arrived in the middle of the day and the 15 cats we were there to […]

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