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This project is now as done as done can be for the moment. TNR is so much easier when you have the cooperation and assistance from the property owner. With this project, we had the blessing to be on the property and to TNR the cats but that was about it. It’s nice when the […]

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assessing numbers

Last night I setup the camera at the TNR site again in hopes of catching some photos of the kittens. I also put out three cans of wet food and lots of dry kitten food. I swung by the site this afternoon to restock the food and to peruse the pictures. The camera was set […]

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determining how many

I’m in the process of gathering information about a nearby TNR site, where information about the particulars has been difficult to come by. Homeowner reported seeing three adult cats and recently four kittens. When information is missing or incomplete, it can be helpful to find other means to gather helpful information. My trapping buddy and […]

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